Social media stories

A story is a post that is typically brought to you by using a different feed than the majority of a user’s content, which happens to be only accessible a short time. Following this, the story will vanish and no longer be around. Stories could take a variety of formats. Frequently, they will be videos, …

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Facebook messenger

It would appear that the marketing world has fallen excited about Facebook Messenger chatbots lately. From the time Facebook announced that its opening messenger structure to third-party developers for chatbot automation, people can’t admire chatbot technology enough. If you did not know otherwise, you would easily have the feeling that chatbots are the best thing …

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The real power belonging to the Facebook group is based on its capacity to engage directly with all your followers, fans, and customers.

Facebook groups

What might you say if I said that you are currently most likely ignoring probably the most powerful features that Facebook is offering to marketers? Facebook groups – that’s right, groups, not pages – have massive prospects for marketers that most too frequently gets wholly overlooked. A group can change how you engage with all …

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